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You have vision needs.  Bright iCare Optometry has the professional services and experiences to satisfy your needs.  Anytime you have concerns about your eyes, we've got you covered.

  • Primary eye care exam:  Prescription is not all we do!  Checking your eye health on a yearly basis is extremely important as well.  Many eye diseases or early signs of abnormality are detected during patient's first eye exam.  Prevention is the key to keep your eyes healthy.

  • Medical eye exam:  Dry eyes?  Allergies?  seeing eye floaters? Red eyes? Or any other vision problems?  We will determine your symptom.

  • Contact lens evaluation:  variety of specialty fit and contact lenses, including but not limited to, post RK RGP, keratoconus RGP and multi-focal soft or hard contact lenses.

  • Pediatric eye exam:  Kids' exams can start as early as in their infancy!  many visual deficiencies can start at a young age.

  • Vision Therapy:  Visual efficiency is critical to providing comfortable vision at all ages.

Caring Services

The Experts

  • Contact lens training:  We will help you find the most comfortable fit!

  • Glasses frames:  Adjustment and Repair

  • Eyewear advice

  • Ortho K lenses (Orthokeratology)

  • Fast turnaround

  • Accept major insurances:  Vision Service Plan (VSP), EyeMed Vision Care and many others

        And many more

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