Contact Lenses:

  • Soft Contact Lenses: We carry broad selection of contact lenses that you like to try for.  Having trouble reading or needing reading glasses over your contact lenses?  No needs now!  There are Multi-focal contact lenses available to eliminate or reduce your needs of glasses.  Our doctors fit and tailor contact lenses to your satisfaction. 
  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses: Experience dryness, unstable clarity or progression of nearsightedness from soft contact lenses? This may be a better choice for you. 
  • Ortho-K (Orthokeratology): An alternative to refractive surgery. This is a reversible nearsightedness correction using the natural effect of Ortho-K lenses. This allows you to have freedom from eyeglasses or contact lenses during the day while reversing your prescription to any point of your preference.


Eye glasses:

  • Frames: Picking out the right size and shape of the frame is critical so that optimal comfort and vision can be achieved. We are not simply looking at the style that brings out your personality; our decades of experience can give you the comfort inside out based on your unique prescription.
  • Lenses: We have a variety of lens options for your selection. Come and try our new Digital Lenses that can bring you a new visual experience in high definition. Each Digital Lens is professionally made and customized in your choice of frame. Still searching for a fine set of sunglasses? We have a solution for you! Come and test drive our Polarized Lenses and we can show you the difference.
  • Coatings: Don't forget to add coatings to your lenses; they can promote improved eye health, night vision, visual comfort and more. Pick the right ones for yourself and allow your eyeglasses to be more than simple eyewear.

Caring Products

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Never had a good pair of glasses or contact lenses? Bright iCare Optometry doctors and staff are here to find the one that fits you the best! We have the newest technologies and styles available for your selection. We believe everyone needs individualized services and products in order to have the best possible experiences with their corrections.

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